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Common Church Problems

As we serve more churches, these are the common issues faced.
Your members, your folk
Who are the regulars? How often does members attend church services? Who is their emergency contacts? Which church members are related to one another?
Kids Ministry? Worship Ministry? Pastoral Ministry? We have all types of ministries in the Church. Many churches are still using google sheet to manage members' details and tagging them to the ministries they belong to.
Service and Events
Running a church camp? How to generate QR code and scan entry for every participants? Do you send welcome emails and Post event emails?

How to follow up with participants after they attend your church camps?
Givings and Tithe
With Covid-19 situation, people are staying at home to watch sermons. How do you ask church members to give digitally in a flash of seconds with a credit card on file or integrated bank transfer?
“We couldn’t be happier with the result that Butleric delivered in even the first week.”
Tabby Holmes

Custom Church Web App

When you start having your own web app, it opens up opportunities to engage members. These are possibilities that we could have imagine decades ago. Today it is a reality.

Digital Giving Management

Have Digital Giving as part of the module in your church web app. During service, you can prompt members give digitally within the app and collect funds instantaneously.

Ministries Managment

We understand servers can be serving in multiple ministries and setting up schedule can be a hassle without a good software. You can also think of the dining and clothing vouchers to be redeemed digitally with proof of receipts all within the web app.

Family Managment

A member can have multiple family tree. Don't you want to record these info and understand trends for better decision making process?

Be the salt of the world and make a difference with the software choices.

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