Every startup requires its own culture and believe system to make it:
- a viable business for investors to fund.
- a viable product for customers to sign up and use continuously.
- a second home for founders and employees to work together.

At Butleric, we advocate Passion, Tenacity and Integrity.

Where it all started.

Meet our Pioneers.
Ron Lee
Product Owner

A Christian product Owner who relish to change the way how churches operate with silo systems and google sheets with Butleric's ChMS.

Ron is a strong believer in providing values and support to different stakeholders and especially woman in tech.

Been a parent to his 7 year old Boy has helped in his startup journey with accountability and responsibility.

"Don't judge yesterday's decision with today's wisdom"

Jun Teh
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
Acting Chief Operating Officer

Jun is a strong believer that competition creates more friends than enemy. He is so passionate in creating value for different stakeholders and maximising each others potentials.

First time startup founder with 6 years experience in sales and business development. Led a Singapore multiple chain retail business in sales and became sales trainer cum sales lead within 12 months.

He became the first to surpass a tech startup founder's total sales and volunteered to train new sales teams while maintaining sales KPI in the startup he used to work in.

Our Team

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